Wedding Dress Music Video

| National Community Church


At National Community Church, we did a sermon series in 2009 titled “God Is…” where we ended that sentence each week with a new characteristic of God that can be seen in Scripture. Heather Zempel was tasked with tackling “God is Jealous”. In our brainstorm meeting about that weekend, I came up with a crazy idea. What if we took Derek Webb’s song “Wedding Dress” and made a music video for it that hammered home this idea that God was jealous of His people?

I wrote the treatment on Wednesday, shot on Thursday, edited on Friday and turned it around in time for our 5:00pm Saturday night service. This was one of the most difficult tasks I ever embarked upon at NCC, but still remains one of my favorite pieces. Big ups to Joe Portnoy and Stephen Elliot for assisting on the shoot, Steph Modder for somehow finding a wedding dress we could trash in less than a day, and Lacey Elliot for being our beautiful bride.