How Series

Back again with another series branding project for National Community Church, this time for their sermon series How. The challenge in this one was to take it “back to basics”, just like the series would be doing. I utilized Motion Boutique’s physics plugin Newton 2 for the simulation of balls connecting and blocks dropping, as well as Video Copilot’s 3D plugin Element for the darts and skyscraper. It was the first time I’d really used either of them and they immediately became plugins I couldn’t live without.

I love the chalk aesthetic here. There’s a lot of little details in there, my favorite of which is the residue left behind by the eraser that indeed stays on the board throughout the video, making the blackboard messier and messier as it goes on. Lots of subtle little things packed into this one, making it one of my favorite motion pieces I’ve ever done.

Prior to the full length trailer, I’d also churned out a teaser: