Update From Pastor Jeremy

| 2 min read

This is a repost of the letter to Lakeside I posted on Lakeside Community Church’s website announcing my resignation.

Dear Lakeside,

As you are aware, I have spent the majority of the summer away on medical leave due to my chronic migraine condition. We had hoped and prayed that during that time I would find some answers and some relief that would allow me to live at a lower level of pain and be more effective as Lakeside’s Lead Pastor. Unfortunately, despite the time and effort put in to focusing on just that, I am no better today than I was back in June when I left.

I am absolutely gutted to write you and let you know that I have turned in my resignation to the elders of Lakeside effective October 2. I simply am unable to continue to serve as the Lead Pastor of this church. I deeply wish it were not so, but the truth is that I am just too impaired to perform the duties of this role and it is time I step away.

Adrienne and I are grateful for the love and support that you have all shown us during this time. We want you to know that we love you all and have not made this decision lightly.

This Sunday, October 1, I will be back for one more service. I look forward to seeing you as I will better explain the details of my situation and what is to come.

God bless you and keep you this week. See you Sunday.

Pastor Jeremy