$70 Dolly

| 2 min read

A $70 dolly? How is this possible?

So, I’m browsing the other night and I see listed on Amazon a dolly for $35. Now, I was skeptical, but thought that perhaps it would be useful. Since I’ve been doing freelance work, I don’t have quite the budget that I had at the old gig, so I’ve been looking for ways to add gear without breaking the bank. This seemed like a surefire way to do just that.

I went to Youtube and found a couple interesting demos that folks had shot with it.

So, it becomes clear that though this thing actually does look pretty great on wood floors, it’s a little rough everywhere else.

Now, normally, when you’re using a dolly, you’re going to want some kind of track. This is what allows you to put a dolly on any surface and get a flawless camera move with no shake. Enter CamonWheels.

CamonWheels is a company that makes dolly wheels, rails and track for DIY equipment. It just so happens, their wheels also fit this cheap dolly from Amazon. The CW4 U-groove wheels are absolutely perfect for the dolly. They fit snugly, but still spin easily.

The benefit is that you don’t even need to buy expensive rubber track or rails, these bad boys will work on any pipe from 3/4” to 1-5/8”. You can get 1” x 10’ PVC pipe at Home Depot for $3.50. Cut that in half, you’ve got a doorway dolly. Buy 2, you’ve got some serious track. For cheap!

If you’re a filmmaker on a budget, or someone that just wants to screw around with a camera, you really cannot go wrong here.