I'm Jeremy Sexton, a writer, speaker, and wearer of many artistic hats.
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How to be Thankful When it’s Hard

| 10 min read

If I’m being honest (I can be honest with you, right?), the thought of Thanksgiving this year didn’t fill me with all sorts of warm, holiday fuzzies, but with a sense of heaviness. Of course, it’s...

Justice League review

| 7 min read

This review will contain spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. There will be some minor spoilers for Justice League, but they will be blurred out until clicked on should you choose to...

Bi-pollar Evangelicals

| 6 min read

Another day, another poll showing terrible things about evangelicals in America. This time, the poll is actually a year old, but it’s traveling around again. NPR had asked people if they were...

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Latest Projects

Lakeside Community Church website

| Lakeside Community Church

One of the many projects I undertook while serving as pastor of Lakeside Community Church was the design of the website. It was all from scratch and is to date one of the biggest web projects...

I Like Giving Trailer

| National Community Church

I created this trailer for National Community Church’s series “I Like Giving”. The look was set for me with the different colored balls, so I played around with them and found...

YFC Preferred Path

| Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ is an organization that seeks to reach students for Christ outside the four walls of the church. I did this video for their Chicago chapter explaining their process, then later...

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