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"New Internet Explorer Ad"

Here’s the new commercial for Internet Explorer:

I do think the message they’re trying to convey is solid, the delivery kinda bugs me though. It’s a jumble of nostalgic references just smashed together to try to draw some sort of emotional reaction and somehow connect those warm fuzzies to their browser. This fails for two reasons.

For one, by connecting IE to a bunch of products that I now have no use for, it reminds me that I have no use for it either. I’m sure Tamagotchi technology has improved dramatically since I was a kid. I still don’t want one.

Secondly, it’s cheap. This is the easiest possible method of drumming up emotion. It is to a thoughtful advertisement what Family Guy is to comedy writing. Just throw a bunch of references in a pot and present it like, “Here I’ve done something.” But they’ve done nothing. They wanted to make me feel something and all I felt was that they wanted to take advantage of me. They still don’t get it and this is a clear example.

If you want to see a technology company that’s doing this right, look no farther than the new number 1 browser, Google Chrome.

This post was written on January 24th, 2013.
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