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The ramblings and incoherence that one day someone will undoubtedly call a “manifesto”.

The King's Speech Was Just Okay

The King’s Speech Was Just Okay

calendar January 9th, 2011
tags movies, review, brits

Before I made my Top 10 of 2010, there were a couple films I wanted to see first, as I thought they might make the rankings. One of them was The King’s Speech, which I saw today. This film is getting the Oscar buzz like a short haircut in a trashcan and there are definitely elements of it that are…

10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago

calendar October 12th, 2010
tags musing, ministry, life, the journey, purpose

Today during our staff meeting, Amanda, our administrative assistant, gave our weekly devotion. She pointed to Jesus’ declaration in Revelation that he is the God who was, who is and who is to come. She asked us to think about each of these in steps and had some of us share things God had done in …