Jeremy Sexton
Jeremy Sexton rows


Hey, I’m Jeremy. What’s up?

I’m a man of a variety of strange talents and interests. I design websites (like this one); shoot pictures and video; write; do graphic design and make it move; DJ for parties, weddings, and events; do street magic; and kinda rap a little.

I love mixed martial arts, standup comedy, and film. I’ve watched pro wrestling since I was a little kid and to this day still hatewatch WWE Raw most Mondays.1 I have way too much useless information stored in my brain about all four of those things. I love books that shatter misconceptions.2

I used to work for National Community Church as Media Pastor, but now I’m the Lead Pastor at Lakeside Community Church in Algoma, WI. I also do a little freelance work when the feeling strikes me.


According to Strengths Finder 2.0

Fun Facts

  1. Because it’s terrible, you see. 

  2. Especially about sports. Wages of Wins in particular is amazing. 

  3. Well, for me anyway.